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    If you have a burden to show love to friends from other countries who don’t yet know Jesus, come and get involved in missions together with us, whether local or abroad.


    Be a friend to those who are new to our community, welcoming them as Jesus welcomes each person into fellowship with Him. Sometimes even preparing a simple meal is all it takes to show love to another.


    Do you have a love for and gift of music? Join the team and lead God’s people to worship Him in spirit and in truth through offering your talents of singing or playing an instrument with excellence.


    Whether it’s to bring God’s people together in unity, or to bring others to know Jesus, everyone can contribute in some way to making events happen to the glory of God. Use your gifts and talents as we serve together as a body of Christ! 

    Mercy & Compassion

    As Jesus had compassion on those who are in need, we want to be a channel of blessing in various ways to those that have fallen between the cracks in society, striving to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.


    We visit and encourage seniors who are lonely, sick or physically impaired to bring them love and encouragement through our fellowship with them and the sharing of God’s Word.


    As they grow and face various transitions, we want to provide youths with the guidance they need in understanding God’s Word, as well as committed mentors that can walk with them and point them to God through their ups and downs.


    Have a heart for children? Bring children to Jesus and help them to grow holistically by serving them as a teacher, games leader or assisting administratively in children’s programmes! 

    Audiovisual (AV)

    If you have a keen sense of sound, and desire to give technical support behind the scenes to enhance the audiovisual aspects and ensure worship services and programmes run smoothly for God’s glory, we welcome you to explore with us.