Dinner & Sharing

International Fellowship

We meet on Tuesdays fortnightly at 8.00pm for online Bible Study via Zoom, and welcome all foreign and domestic workers to join us. If you are working at Ling Kwang Home, we welcome you to join us for our monthly fellowship dinner and sharing.

Our goal is to gather people from various national backgrounds for the study of God’s Word, encouraging spiritual growth and integration into the local church community while they are away from home.

For more information, please contact Elder Hung Choo at, James Chua at, or Olga Amor at

Christian Burmese Community

Myanmarese Fellowship

This fellowship of Burmese-speaking brothers and sisters in Zion Serangoon is mainly made up of nursing and ancillary staff working at the nearby Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens and Cheshire Home, as well as those from the Christian Burmese community here. The fellowship seeks to reach out to the domestic helpers of our church members, including those who do not know Christ.

Meetings are held on alternate Thursdays at 7.30pm in church. There is a time of praise and worship, a sharing of God’s Word, and opportunities for members to share their personal testimonies. This is followed by a time of fellowship over Burmese food prepared by the nurses from Ling Kwang Home. In addition to regular meetings, there are also outreach events during Christmas and Easter during which non-Christians in the Myanmarese community are invited to hear the gospel. 

Please contact Ms Zin at 9100-9296 or Ms Khin Kyi at 9142-8776 for more information.

Missions & Evangelism

Foreign Missions

In obedience to Jesus’ command to us to proclaim the Gospel to all near and far, we consider the task of evangelism and disciple-making as a primary and urgent task of our church. Members are urged constantly to win souls and make disciples for Christ. We provide training for those who need help in this area. Our prayer is that both individually and together we can harness the resources of the church for the work of evangelism.

Bangladesh 1

Get involved in Missions


We support six remote missions posts co-ordinated through a local church in Ho Chi Minh City.   May the Lord establish the work of their hands.

Uphold the pastors, evangelists and believers in Vietnam.  May the Lord grant them grace and strength to remain steadfast in their faith and to faithfully and boldly proclaim the Gospel.  Pray for mature and bold disciples to be raised up for the Gospel.  Pray that these disciples will disciple others.  Ask God to break down the barriers which are keeping the Vietnamese from coming to Him.  Ask Him to create a spiritual hunger in their hearts in order to desire to know the Most High God.


More than half the population are under 24 years old. A staggering 10% of this 39 million Filipino children are unable to attend school due to family reasons and/or financial issues.  Pray for an effective outreach to these young people.

We support a youth centre run by a local church in Cebu and a drug rehabilitation centre. Do uphold the ministry of the church in their outreach efforts to the youth in Cebu and the children in various surrounding villages.

Pray for God’s blessings and guidance in the youth and children outreach programmes.  Also pray for the ministry to help drug abusers kick their drug habit through the power of the Gospel.  Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual healing from drug addiction for the residents of the Christian halfway house.


Pray for our missions partner in Myanmar as they continue to expand their ministry among the migrant transient workers and their families in Hlaing Thar Yar and Shwe Pyu Thar industrial areas.

Pray for spiritual growth of believers and effective outreach to the unsaved.  They have also been active in humanitarian work when necessary, for example, helping out in flood relief work during the rainy season.  Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Lord for all work to be effective and fruitful.


Though Christianity in Japan is among the nation’s minority religions, about one percent of the population are Christians.   The average size of a church in Japan is about 35 people.  It is said in any given area, one is likely to see more convenience stores than churches.  Nearly 500 towns or villages do not have a church.

89% of Japan’s Pastors are now over 50 years old with many serving faithfully past retirement age.  Churches without pastors face the challenge of finding and waiting for a new Pastor.  We need to encourage younger Japanese Christians to be involved in pastoral and lay ministry.  Notwithstanding, Christ is the church’s foundation.  God continues to draw His people to know and believe Him.  We rejoice each time a Japanese comes to faith and takes the bold decision to be baptized and live for Christ.

We support our sister, whom God has called to serve Him in Japan, as a missionary with OMF International since 2008.  Partnering with the Japanese Pastoral team in two churches, she teaches the Bible at church, among elderly, youths, and children.  In recent years, her work focuses on reaching the elderly through God’s Word, encouraging them in their illnesses and struggles.  Enabled by God and His guidance, she is trying to sow the seed of the Gospel amongst Japanese friends who have not believed in the work and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is at work in Japan but we long for many more to be reached for Jesus.  Be part of what God is doing, join us in praying for Japan and serving the Japanese.  Pray for Japanese churches and Christians to be salt of the earth and light of the world to their communities and nation.  Thank God for opened doors to share the Gospel.  Pray that God will raise up workers to start churches in areas where there are none.  Pray that many Japanese will know the Saviour of the world.


The church has grown significantly in the last 15 years.  From a small remnant that survived the Khmer Rouge genocide, the church is now young and enthusiastic with a natural flare for evangelism.

Such rapid growth presents challenges in the areas of discipleship and leadership.  Pray for lifelong commitment to Christ and growth in the spiritual maturity of believers.

In addition to our own missionary seconded to OMF Cambodia, we also support two missions partners based in Phnom Penh Bible School.  Pray for partnerships to expand into areas which Zion can support and for growth in the number of short term missions trips.


Although the country was closed to all Christian witness until 1965, praise God, today, believers number in the thousands.  May the Lord open its door to vibrant Christian witness.  Pray to the Lord of the harvest to raise up more local evangelists and pastors.

We support one missions partner in their church planting ministry in four different localities.


Only between 0.3% to 0.5% of the population can be said to be Christian. Some Bangladeshi Christians are ostracised and persecuted because of their faith. May the Lord keep them safe and enable them to persevere in their faith.

We are supporting two missions partners in their church outreach and church planting ministry. We are also supporting Biblical theological training for full-time pastors, evangelists and church planters. Many ministries remain disunited and compete with one another for limited foreign assistance. Prayer is needed for wisdom to help the churches achieve proper governance and economic self-sustenance and for their leaders to have sound Biblical theological training.